Author: Ace Cole

Foreign Troops To Stay In Afghanistan Beyond May Deadline

In February 2020, former President Trump signed an agreement with Taliban leaders in Afghanistan. The agreement, commonly referred to as the Doha accord, stipulates that all American troops be removed from Afghanistan by this May if the Taliban cuts ties with al-Qaeda, engages in peace talks with the Afghan government,

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U.S. Involvement In The Yemeni Civil War

Just a day before President Biden’s inauguration, the U.S. officially designated Houthi rebels in Yemen as foreign terrorists. Classifying Houthi rebels as foreign terrorists will restrict trade and humanitarian support to Houthi rebels. Aid groups have expressed concern that the identification will disrupt much-needed aid from reaching Yemenis. These fears

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U.S. Downsizes Troops In Afghanistan To 2,500

On January 15th, the United States Department of Defense announced that military personnel in Afghanistan have been downsized to 2,500 soldiers, America’s lowest military presence in the country since 2001. This reduction completes a goal Donald Trump set after signing an agreement with the Taliban in February 2020. The agreement

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South Korea To Send Delegation After Iran Seizes Tanker

On Monday, January 11th, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps seized a South Korean tanker owned by Taikun Shipping Co. Ltd. and detained its crew. In response, South Korea is sending a delegation to Iran. According to Iranian state news agencies, the South Korean ship was detained because it was polluting the

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