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A recent graduate of Conflict Resolution studies with a particular interest in Chinese international relations. Also a huge advocate for Track II diplomacy and mediation as a way to address conflict.

First Terrorist Attack: New Zealand’s Darkest Day

The 15th of March 2019 is now marked as one of the darkest day for New Zealanders, as they experienced their first ever racially-charged terrorist attack. The gunman open fired inside Masjid al Noor mosque in central Christchurch, killing 41 people, along with another 7 being murdered at a second […]

China’s Military Budget For 2019

China sees this further budget increase as “reasonable” and “appropriate” when it comes to protecting its national security and sovereignty. Zhang Yesui, the spokesman for this legislation, stated that should not be seen as a threat to other states, declaring that “whether a country poses a military threat to other […]

Pulwama Attack: The Suicide Bombing In Kashmir

On Thursday 14 February, 40 Indian Security Forces were killed when a car full of explosives rammed into their vehicle, the deadliest attack in Kashmir since 1989. Casualties are expected to rise, with many victims in critical condition. The incident happened in the Pulwama district of Indian-administered Kashmir. According to […]

Peace Through Coercion: China’s Social Credit System

A country with 1.4 billion people, China has one vital defect – its people are unable to trust each other. According to sociologist Zhang Lifan, this is a result of the Cultural Revolution, a period of Chinese history where family and friends would report each other to the authorities for […]

Private Sponsorship: A Solution To Resettling More Refugees 2

The United Nations Commission for Refugee (UNHCR) estimates that in 2019 1.4 million people will need to be resettled. This is an 18% increase from 2018 figures. A large proportion of the asylum seekers have been displaced from their homes as a result of ongoing conflict with 42% being from […]

Potential Peace In Afghanistan As The US And Taliban Meet

This week representatives from the Taliban and the U.S. have met for 6 days in Qatar to discuss an 18 month strategy for withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Although agreements have not been finalised, U.S. representative Zalmay Khalilzad tweeted that the talks have been “more productive than they have been […]

Food Aid Theft Pushes Yemen Closer To Famine

Last Friday, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) threatened to withhold more food aid to Yemen after discovering incidents of corruption. Much of the aid that the WFP provided did not reach the hungry Yemeni people, but was instead diverted to front line soldiers or sold on the black […]

Yemen’s Ceasefire Ends In Minutes

This Tuesday at midnight a ceasefire was meant to come into effect between Saudi-led pro-government forces and Houthi rebels in Yemen’s port city of Hudaydah. Unfortunately, the agreement only lasted a few minutes as sporadic fighting started throughout the city. The ceasefire agreement was made last Thursday at United Nations-sponsored […]

British Backpacker’s Death: Call For Change To Violence In New Zealand

The past few weeks have been filled with mourning in New Zealand after the death of a British backpacker, Grace Millane, who went missing on the 1st of December, just before her 22nd birthday in Auckland city. After failure to keep in touch with her family and to reply to […]

A Different Strategy For Palestine And Israel: Track II Diplomacy

The Israel and Palestinian Conflict is seemingly intractable, affecting huge numbers of people for many years. In 2017 alone, over 500 people were injured as a result of this conflict. The tension continues to grow, particularly in the Gaza Strip, a region in Israel that is predominantly ruled by Hamas. […]