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Ashika is a media and communications honours graduate from the University of Canterbury and is interested in international relations, human rights, social issues, and online media.

Anti-Government Protests In Romania Draw Tens Of Thousands To Bucharest Streets

Anti-government protests in the Romanian capital Bucharest, and several other cities across the country, continued for the second consecutive day even after 400 people were injured in Friday’s first round of protests, after violent clashes between peaceful protesters and riot police, who fired tear gas, pepper spray, and a water […]

‘Earth Overshoot Date’ Continues To Move Up Year After Year

Only seven months into the year, August 1 has already marked ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ for the planet – the earliest date since 1969, when human consumption of the Earth’s natural resources first outstripped the planet’s ability to create those resources in a single year – drawing attention to how we […]

Moving One Step Closer To Decriminalizing Homosexuality In India

India has moved one step closer to decriminalizing homosexuality after the Supreme Court began a hearing challenging the colonial-era law that, among others things, prohibits consensual sexual relations between men, and following on the heels of an August 2017 ruling that declared all people have a “constitutional right to privacy” […]

Venezuela Predicted To Hit One Million Percent Inflation Rate By Year’s End

The International Monetary Fund recently announced that inflation in Venezuela is predicted to hit one million percent by the end of this year, a startling figure despite the ongoing socioeconomic crisis that has already crippled the economy and caused widespread hunger, malnutrition, and frustration with a government that refuses to […]

U.S. Threatens Other Nations And Attempts To Block Parts Of Breastfeeding Health Resolution To Promote Corporate Interests Over Public Health

A New York Times report recently revealed that at a United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly, convened in May to pass a resolution encouraging mothers to breastfeed and limiting baby formula misinformation and inaccuracies, was blocked by the U.S. and almost did not pass. This followed after they threatened Ecuador (who […]

The Significance Of Roe v. Wade During The Birth Of America’s Most Decisively Conservative Supreme Court For Decades To Come

Justice Kennedy’s announcement of his retirement from the Supreme Court last week sparked fears across the U.S. of further restrictions of abortion access and reproductive rights for women, including the potential of the landmark 1973 case Roe v. Wade to be overturned. This is following President Trump’s appointment of a […]

The End Of Saudi Arabia’s Driving Ban: A One-Off Or The Beginning Of The Country’s Modern Women’s Rights Movement?

At midnight on June 24th 2018, Saudi Arabia lifted its longtime ban that forbade women from driving, nine months after the announcement was first made by King Salman, and decades after the “Women to Drive” movement first began campaigning for change. Women took to the streets in the driver’s seat […]

Trump Administration Cuts Asylum To Gang And Domestic Violence Victims

The United States recently announced their decision to henceforth reject asylum applications asking for refuge from domestic violence and gang violence, reversing a 2014 Obama-era policy that could potentially endanger tens of thousands and which only further cements the U.S.’s hardline stance on immigration, reinforced in recent weeks by the […]

The Disappeared: The Forgotten Victims Of Mexico’s Drug War

In almost 12 years, Mexico’s drug war has claimed the lives of thousands and changed the lives of millions more people, in a conflict that currently has no end in sight. While primarily a fight between the country’s drug cartels and the federal government, violent conflicts between rival groups, as […]

South Sudan Returns To The Brink Of Famine Amidst Ongoing Civil War

Amidst the beginning of the fifth year of the country’s civil war, millions of people in South Sudan continue to suffer the effects of a “Never-Ending Hunger Season” that has caused widespread malnutrition and brought the nation to the brink of famine once again, spurring a humanitarian crisis, needing to […]