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Ashika is a media and communications honours graduate from the University of Canterbury and is interested in international relations, human rights, social issues, and online media.

Floodwaters Rise In Venice As The City Is Projected To Sink Underwater Within A Century

Over the last week, severe storms have hit Italy, bringing strong winds, heavy rain and intense flooding and resulting in 29 deaths as of November 4. Venice experienced the worst flood in a decade, with at least three-quarters of the city flooded by up to 61 inches of water above […]

Indian Supreme Court Allows All Women To Enter Sabarimala Temple: Is Legal Reform Enough?

India’s Supreme Court recently struck down a law banning women from entering one of Hinduism’s holiest sites – the Sabarimala temple, in India’s southern state of Kerala. This decision quickly intensified ire and anger amongst the violent mobs of Indian men who view allowing women of menstruating age (usually defined in […]

Kuwait’s Banned Book Count Continues To Rise

The Kuwaiti government has banned 4,390 books in a four year period, in a bid to appease the country’s conservative bloc in parliament. Despite Kuwait’s push to be seen as a modern “enclave of intellectual freedom,” censorship literature is still pushed through the Ministry of Information’s twelve-member censor committee. The government’s censorship […]

Will Banning Pornogrpahy Change Rape Culture In Nepal?

The Nepalese government has recently banned internet pornography in a bid to reduce rape and sexual assault against women in the country. The actions were taken after nationwide protests erupted in August following the rape and murder of a 13-year old girl, putting strong pressure on the government to tighten […]

Modern Slavery: Ending The Human Trafficking Of 40 Million Enslaved People

While for many people, slavery may seem like a non-issue that no longer affects the majority of the world’s populations in the 21st century, for an estimated 40 million people in the world who are currently in some form of forced servitude, modern slavery – known as human trafficking – is […]

Detained Migrant Child Numbers Hit All-Time High In The U.S.

The number of migrant children held in U.S. government shelters has recently skyrocketed to an all-time high of 12,800, according to data obtained by the New York Times. This is despite a court order to return all detained migrant children separated under the Trump Administration’s “zero-tolerance policy” to their parents […]

Indian Supreme Court Decriminalizes Homosexuality Bringing A Long-Awaited Win For LGBT Indians

India’s Supreme Court recently ruled that a colonial-era law that criminalized homosexuality was “irrational, indefensible, and manifestly arbitrary,” striking down the past of the law pertaining to homosexuality – thereby decriminalizing homosexuality in the second most populous country in the world – and declaring that all LGBT Indians deserved all of […]

Scotland Moves To End “Period Poverty” Paving The Way For Others To Do The Same

Scotland has moved to provide free sanitary products to students in all schools and universities across the country, in a £5.2 million program that aims to end “period poverty,” an issue that can force those that are unable to afford sanitary products to periodically miss school, work, or social activities. […]

Is India Prepared For The Post-Flood Cleanup In Kerala?

As floodwaters begin to recede and rains have lessened, Kerala faces a significant cleanup from devastating floods that wreaked havoc across the region. Considered the southern state’s worst floods in almost a century, they resulted in the deaths of 400 people and the displacement of a further 1.8 million. The […]

The Importance Of Education Access For Young Girls

Every day, in cities across the world, millions of girls are unable to attend school and access their right to an education, despite the growing benefits that investing in girls’ education brings.  While there are many complex aspects of female education in both developed and developing nations – including female numbers […]