Syrian Chemical Attacks On Civilians And The Failure Of International Law

On Saturday, April 7th, the Assad regime attacked Douma with chemical bombs. Publicized photographs of the aftermath were nothing short of disturbing, with the 70 people now reported dead, including women and children. The horrendous and fatal nature of this incident has since resulted in the retaliative bombing of airfields […]

#MeToo Movement Moves From Hollywood To Humanitarian NGOs

Following this week’s news, further information has arisen in claims to the #MeToo movement in the humanitarian sector, not only involving those being protected by aid but also from colleagues experiencing sexual harassment internally in these organizations. NGOs are trusted and responsible for advancing the humanitarian and non-combative agenda in […]

Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing Results In Child Trafficking And Prostitution In Bangladesh

On Wednesday the 21st of March, footage was released by BBC after an undercover investigation took place in Bangladesh to reveal Rohingya Refugees being used for sex trafficking in Bangladesh. This comes as Myanmar (Burma) experienced what the United Nations declared as ethnic cleansing and since August 2017, resulted in […]

Aid Agencies Struggle As Democratic Republic of Congo Spirals Into Uncontainable Humanitarian Crisis

On the 13th March 2018, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General acknowledged humanitarian aid needs have doubled in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 2017. Political deadlock continues over current leader Kabila’s overstayed political term and has spurred ethnic conflict and further militia uprising, causing the humanitarian crisis to worsen. The […]