Author: Robin Kennedy

Devastating Fire Strikes a Bangladesh Rohingya Refugee Camp

A massive fire ravaged the Balukhali Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh on Monday, March 22. It was the worst fire in the cramped settlement since 2017 and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) estimates 15 people were killed and 550 injured, with another 400 missing. At least 10,000 shelters were destroyed,

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Escalating Violence in the Myanmar Protests

Sunday, March 14, was the deadliest day in the Myanmar protests since the military coup on February 1. According to CNN, at least 38 people were killed in confrontations between protestors and the military and the death toll has surpassed 120 since the protests began. To date, more than 2150

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Over 300 Girls Kidnapped In Nigeria’s Zamfara State

In the early morning of February 26, 317 girls were kidnapped in the Zamfara state of northwestern Nigeria. The girls were taken by their captors from the Government Girls Secondary School in the town of Jangebe and marched into the forest at gunpoint. The kidnappers had entered Jangebe with an

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