Author: Cedric Gallant

The Atrocities of Ethiopia’s War on Tigray.

November 2020 marked the beginning of a conflict that destroyed the lives of thousands. Ethiopia’s military marched on its Tigray province and from that point on, the problem devolved into ruthless violence, censorship and international concern. However, this issue reflects decades of past tensions. The Tigrayan political party called Tigray

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ISIS Returns With Force

In March of 2019, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces captured ISIS’s last remaining territory. The SDF declared it a “total elimination of so-called caliphate.” However, the remaining pieces left of ISIS are now regrouping and making a destructive return in Iraq and Syria. Security consultant Olivier Guitta said to Al-Jazeera

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UN Rights Chief Expresses Fears Of Violent Crackdown In Myanmar

Myanmar’s democratic government was toppled by its military force in a coup earlier in January, and the situation has continuously deteriorated since. The United Nations’ (UN) Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Nada Al-Nashif and High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet have voiced their concerns over potential violent crackdowns

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