Galen Shen

About Galen Shen

Galen is a fourth year undergraduate at the University of Chicago studying East Asian Civilizations with a focus on international relations and human rights. Following graduation, she hopes to participate in on the ground relief efforts in under-served communities in East Asia, and later return stateside to pursue graduate studies.

Korean Joint Liaison Office Opens On The Eve Of Summit Between President Moon And Kim Jong-un

Just days ahead of the third meeting of their leaders this year, North and South Korea have opened a joint liaison office. The office, which is located in the North Korean border town of Kaesong, is the first of its kind. Since the two Koreas separated post-World War II, the […]

Yet Again, China Looks at Relaxing Its Family Planning Policies

Since 1979, China has officially limited the number of children couples are allowed to bear in an attempt to avoid food shortages as the economy rapidly developed. Carving a legacy of demographic imbalance, horrific cases of abortion, sterilizations, and infanticide, and a population aging at a worrisome rate, family planning—as […]

China’s Youth On The Internet: The Duality Of Apathy And Rage

Though heated debates rage in the United States over the freedom of the internet–from Twitter’s reluctance to ban Neo-Nazi content to Facebook removing Alex Jones’ profile–in China there is relative quiet. The Great Firewall established under China’s Communist Party (CCP) and regulated by the propaganda department bubbles the nation to […]

Are Human Rights Still Diplomatically Viable? A Look At The U.S-North Korea Summit

It has been almost exactly one year since the North Korean government released the 22-year-old Otto Warmbier back to his family in the U.S. Tragically, the story did not continue on to have a happy ending as Warmbier passed away mere days after returning from his year of imprisonment and […]

Burundi’s Constitutional Referendum Sets A Worrisome Precedent For Central Africa

Following a wave of violence that has been plaguing the nation of Burundi, this week the people voted to approve the referendum which would allow their current president Pierre Nkurunziza to continue in his position until 2034. The referendum extends the length of the presidential term from five years to […]