Andrew Yang Could Be America’s First Asian President

1 May 2018; Andrew Yang, Democratic Presidential Candidate on centre stage during day one of Collision 2018 at Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Photo by Stephen McCarthy/Collision via Sportsfile

Morisset, New South Wales – Andrew Yang is an American-born to Taiwanese parents. An entrepreneur, a lawyer, and a philanthropist from New York who has been campaigning for the American presidency for over a year now.

The Washington Post reported that although Yang is barely a blip in most national polls, where his support ranks between 1 and 3 percent, Yang has become something of a below-the-radar phenomenon in the crowded field of candidates vying for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Some candidates, far better known than him have been struggling to catch fire on social media and are playing to smaller audiences; Yang has been packing-in some of the largest crowds in the race — an estimated 3,000 in San Francisco; 2,000 in Los Angeles; and 2,500 in Seattle, where he paused the rally to point out a pair of bald eagles soaring overhead.

The focus of the Andrew Yang campaign for the Presidency is Universal Basic Income where he will promise the American people that every individual will receive one thousand dollars per month for being a part of the nation. Many have asked whether that was possible, and Yang gave the explainable reasons to why it would be successful. According to the Joe Rogan Podcast #1245, he explained that by providing the people a thousand dollars a month, it actually stimulates the economy because people are spending it on the businesses, and the government could gain them back by generating tax revenue. He continued by saying that it also reduces the depression rates among citizens and people are discouraged to commit crimes in the fear of losing the monthly dividend when being sentenced to prison. Furthermore, the national expenses on jails have been extremely high which has affected the flow of the economy. He also stated that the rise of AI automation is taking over the majority of jobs, leaving a lot of unemployment for the people.

There are several factors which caused the Taiwanese-American to gain as much attention among those platforms, and it is not from the potential title of first Asian-American President. Firstly, Yang is providing a solution that has already been successfully executed in other places. He mentioned that the Alaska Permanent Fund where the government provides the state about two thousand dollars per month which is an income from oil; and was, therefore, nicknamed the Oil-cheque. He then mentioned that oil of the twenty-first century is a technology, in which its income can be provided to the people as Universal Basic Income in the whole nation, and it is going to be nicknamed the Tech-cheque. Secondly, he addresses the fear of the modern century, which is the rise of Artificial Intelligence. According to the last Obama administration and MIT report on job automation cited from Yang in Joe Rogan Podcast #1245, about 83% of the most common jobs could be subjected to automation by 2030. Thirdly, the candidate has experience in creating jobs for people. One of his organizations is a non-profit called Venture for America which recruits recent college graduates to work in various start-up industries or related industry venture funding.

In brief, the title based on Yang ethnicity was what the people were supporting him for. The candidate was able to address a well-structured solution for the identified issues that are affecting modern society.

Sophanith Song