Afghanistan Wants To See Change Through Democracy

In the past couple of weeks, Afghan officials with the help of U.S. troops have been securing voting centers for Afghan citizens to place ballots on election day, October 20th. More than 4 million have cast their ballots including women, CNN News reports. According to CNN News since the 2014 election, Afghanistan has introduced biometric devices for security and identification purposes due to accusations of fraud.

Despite the constant threats of violence and attacks leading up to election day more than half of the country’s eligible voters showed up and demonstrated their want and need for democracy and change in the country. More importantly, the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, not only spoke out about the millions of voters who came out for change but also acknowledged the women voters who were threatened by the Taliban previously, reports CNN News.

Although millions showed up there were still attacks that occurred. Over 192 incidents were reported and seventeen civilians were killed published CNN News. A suicide bombing targetted a poll station and a child was killed. However, there were multiple sites set out that dealt with emergency needs such as hurt individuals due to violence.

Even though attacks did take place in the provinces this did not stop the elections process to go into Sunday, October 21. Thousands showed up in efforts to change the country and let their voices be heard to not only the world but to the extremist group.

Over the years citizens of Afghanistan hardly were given the opportunities to voice their opinions on current issues in the country. Women especially lacked rights in regards to voting, due to Taliban control. With this in mind, the recent election that took place illustrates a strong community of Afghan people who are tired of the corruptness of the government and control of the Taliban. The support from international groups to protect polling stations unified countries together for the rights and safety of the Afghan people. This contributes to the peace process that Afghanistan needs in order to have a prosperous future.