Afghanistan: Taliban Suicide Bomb Attack near Kabul Airport

A bomb blast ripped through the entrance of the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul at noon local time on Monday, 10 August. According to Khaama Press, at least five people, including a woman with a child have been killed, while 18 others have suffered serious injury. The Afghan Health Ministry has confirmed that at least seven civilians, including a child, have been injured in the attack. Pajhwok Afghan News also reported that a woman and a child were among those killed. Meanwhile, a Taliban spokesman said the attack targeted a convoy of foreigners but it is unclear if any died or were injured. The image of the deadly suicide attack outside the Kabul airport showed massive destruction

The bomb exploded near the airport when a convoy said to be carrying government officials was travelling through. According to TOLO News, the blast hit Afghanistan’s city days after deadly terror attacks in Kabul had left scores of civilians and security officials dead. Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry has confirmed that several civilians and security agents have been killed in the attacks. However, the Taliban, which has unleashed a deadly wave of attacks in the country, has claimed responsibility for the latest attacks.

According to BBC News, Kabul was said to already be on high alert following last week’s attacks which left at least 50 civilians and security personnel dead in the worst violence seen in the city in years. It was speculated that a change of leadership in the Afghan Taliban may have triggered the wave of violence. It surfaced a couple of weeks after the official announcement of Mullah Mohammad Omar’s death.

Logically, in late July 2015, Mullah Omar who has been named the new leader, was pronounced dead after rumours of his death over a year ago. However, the quick appointment of Mullah Mansour by a small council of leaders in the Pakistani city of Quetta has angered others in the group, causing rifts within the movement and adding to the speculation that the latest wave of violence is linked to the leadership dispute.

Pathetically, the increasing use of deadly bombs as weapon of massive destruction in recent time calls for serious concerns. Several bombings have taken many lives and destroyed public infrastructures. In countries such as Afghanistan, where public infrastructures are inadequate and extreme poverty is prevalent, unlawful use of bombs and other offensive ammunition have worsened living conditions for citizens. As far as reasonably possible, the international community needs to reduce the spread of the illegal acquisition of weapons across the world. While efforts such as these are being conducted, It is important that governments provide maximum security in highly concentrated and densely populated area.

Oyewole Oginni
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