4.5 Million Venezuelan Displacements Since 2015, The UN And Partners Outcry

The political and economic instability in Venezuela seems to geometrically influence the mass exodus of now millions of Venezuelans. Since 2015 when this humanitarian crisis began, the gravity of the instability has caused the UNHCR, UN Migration Organization and the European Union to label it the “direst” displacement crises in the world. These organizations are appealing to Venezuelans.

The economic breakdown of President Nicolás Maduro’s administration began in early 2014 resulting in record-breaking inflation, and thus, shortages in food, access to health services, and other basic needs. This is considered as the fundamental cause of the 8000 per cent of Venezuelans seeking refugee status.

Just like any protracted situation, reports from UNHCR confirm the livelihood challenges Venezuelans face in host countries, some of which are discrimination, labour, sexual violence, and violence. This is mainly because they lack access to their basic rights from their host countries.

The European Commission’s Ms. Mogherini has some hopeful words regarding the situation, “…This is a moment to call for even greater support for Venezuelan refugees, migrants and their host communities by the international community…The EU is already the leading donor and key political player, providing €170 million since 2018 in support of the Venezuelan people.” As a response to access the gravity of this crisis, she in partnership with the UHNCR and IMO are organizing an International Solidarity Conference in Brussels, scheduled for October 28 and 29. The sole agenda is to lobby for humanitarian and development actors, philanthropists, civil society, financial institutions, just to name a few. This is aimed as a campaign to discuss the crisis, evaluate the extent of humanitarian support, and to re-assure Venezuela about global support.

There is much left for other continents and countries can do to reduce if not curb the vast growing consequences of this crisis especially for children. More financial and material support for hosting countries will be beneficial to these people. The Venezuelan government must ensure the safety and stability of its people.

Sarah Namondo