Day: September 28, 2022

Final Ruling Of Khmer Rouge Tribunal Upholds Genocide Conviction

Last Thursday, Cambodia’s U.N.-backed tribunal for the Khmer Rouge resolved to uphold the genocide conviction and life sentence of the regime’s final surviving leader, Khieu Samphan. The tribunal, known as the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (E.C.C.C.), rejected an appeal by Samphan that alleged over 1800 procedural and

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Arresting Anti-Monarchists Risks British Right To Protest

Since Queen Elizabeth II’s death on September 8th, the United Kingdom has held proclamation ceremonies across the country to officially declare Charles III king. Protestors against the monarchy have since had numerous hostile encounters with police. Democracy, freedom of speech, and the right to peaceful protest are all under threat.

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Neo-Fascist Leader Emerging In Italy

On September 25th, 2022, the polls close on Italy’s general election. Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the party Brothers of Italy, is expected to emerge victorious. This win would mean Italy has elected its first fascist leader since Mussolini’s regime of the Second World War. Meloni and her party regularly

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