Day: September 11, 2022

Nicaragua: Ortega Continues Catholic Church Crackdown

On August 15th, the Nicaraguan Catholic Church reported that Óscar Benavidez, a priest from the northern Siuna diocese, had been detained after conducting Mass, Reuters reported. Relations between the Church and President Daniel Ortega’s government have been increasingly strained in recent months. The government has shut down Catholic radio stations,

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Sorcery Accusations In Papua New Guinea On The Rise

Despite repeated efforts from government bodies and N.G.O.s, sorcery-related crime, referred to officially as Sorcery Accusation Related Violence (S.A.R.V.), continues to run rampant in Papua New Guinea. Hundreds of people in the South Asian nation, mostly women, are subjected to extreme violence every year due to claims that they are

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Another Mysterious Explosion In Crimea In A Week

The Ukrainian government made remarks suggesting that it was responsible for the two mysterious explosions that occurred this month in the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia forcibly merged from Ukraine in 2014. Amid a series of mysterious explosions in Crimea in southern Ukraine, Ukrainian troops have warned that they will continue

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