Day: January 9, 2022

Fire In South African Parliament Raises Questions Over Responsibility

A large-scale fire broke out within the lower chamber of South Africa’s parliament this past Sunday, January 2nd. Incidentally, this occurred just days before the South African Parliament and President Ramaphosa received a report looking into corruption within the government of previous President Zuma.  A 49-year-old man, Zandile Christmas Mafe,

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Human Rights Groups Condemn Tesla’s Opening In Xinjiang Region

On New Year’s Eve, Tesla announced its opening of a showroom in Xinjiang, a region in China. The announcement and decision received international criticism from human rights activists on the basis that foreign firms should not be interacting with the Chinese regime since it is committing genocide. Multiple advocacy groups

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Migrants In Crisis: Death And Disappearance In The Journey To Spain

In an attempt to reach Spain, twelve migrants died every day in 2021. This number marks double that of 2020, estimating 4,000 refugees were killed enroute – 205 of whom were children. The NGO “Caminando Fronteras,” or “Walking Borders,” responds to calls from migrants, communicates with their relatives and sends

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