Day: November 2, 2021

Azerbaijan and Armenia File Separate Accusatory Claims with the ICJ

According to Radio Free Europe, Azerbaijan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Elnur Mammadov accused Armenia of ethnic cleansing for continuing to lay landmines in Azerbaijani territory after the conclusion of the six-week war over the contentious Nagorno-Karabakh region. According to Al Jazeera, Armenia filed a separate claim with the International Court of

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Sudan’s Military Dissolves Transitional Government

On Monday, October 25, Sudan’s military seized power, arrested the prime minister, and dissolved the transitional government. As a result, Sudan’s main opposition coalition, the Forces of Freedom and Change, has called for civil disobedience and protests across the nation. Following the call to action, thousands of citizens have flooded

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How The New US Voter Restriction Laws Are A Result Of The 2020 Election

As of October 2021, nineteen Republican-controlled U.S. state legislatures have passed laws that restrict access to voting. Voting rights in the United States have always been contentious, and the recent laws have made it extremely difficult to vote in certain states, particularly for people of color. While the 15th Amendment

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