Day: October 1, 2021

Tigray’s Humanitarian Crisis Worsens As Starvation Spreads

“One month ago, everything ran out,” Girmanesh Meles, mother to an 18-month old baby, told Al Jazeera. “It became normal to spend four days eating nothing.” Meles is from the Ethiopian region of Tigray. Tigray has been embroiled in a civil war since November of 2020. Currently, the area faces

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EU Seeks Suspension Of Visa Agreement With Belarus Over Forced Migration

The European Union (EU) is seeking suspension of its 2020 Visa Facilitation Agreement with Belarus as it applies to government officials, citing Minsk’s increased migrant human rights abuses and lack of compliance. This announcement is a response to a recent spike in irregular migration patterns at Belarus’ borders with nearby

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Biden Continues Trump’s Discriminatory Expulsion Of Haitian Refugees

Thousands of Haitian migrants residing in the United States and Mexico are being sent back, with governments referring to the mass expulsion as “an assisted voluntary return to Haiti.” Pictures of mounted border patrol agents attacking asylum seekers in Del Rio display the mistreatment of Haitians. Although the secretary of

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