Day: September 29, 2021

The Struggle Continues: The Yazidi In Post-IS Iraq

The suffering of the Yazidi ethnic and religious minority continues in Iraq, as survivors of the Islamic State persecution seek recognition, reparations, and closure. The Yazidis, who follow their ancient pre-Iranian religion and inhabit the northwestern Sinjar region of Iraq, were the victims of unimaginable brutality at the hands of

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North Korea Warns Of Nuclear Risk After U.S.-A.U. Submarine Deal

North Korea has spoken out against a recently signed deal between the U.S. and Australia that sees the U.S. providing nuclear-powered submarines to its Oceanic ally. The deal is an integral part of an emerging security partnership between the U.K., U.S., and Australia; somewhat adorably referred to as AUKUS. According

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Former U.S. Intelligence Officers Admit Hacking For UAE

Three former U.S. intelligence officers have admitted to hacking operations in the United Arab Emirates and working under the violation of U.S. export laws. Reuters reported that the men provided sophisticated intelligence technologies to a U.A.E.-based company that was used to spy on enemies via computers and mobile phones. For

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