Day: September 25, 2021

North Korean Missile Tests And East Asian Stability

On 11 and 12 September North Korea successfully tested long-range cruise missiles. The missiles were launched ahead of a trilateral meeting between United States, Japanese, and South Korean officials to discuss the DPRK’s stalled denuclearization. They flew 1,500km before plummeting into the ocean. On the 15th,, the DPRK fired-off two ballistic

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A Neo-Nazi March In Madrid: The Rise of Fascism In Spain

On Saturday, September 18, around 200 neo-nazis took to the streets of the historically-gay neighbourhood of Chueca in Madrid to harass gay people living there. Supposedly organized to protest the recently released plans for sustainable development in Spain, the 2030/2050 Agendas, the “protest” quickly devolved into homophobic and racist attacks,

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