Day: September 16, 2021

Does Social Media Encourage Uncivil Debate?

What is uncivil debate? Civility can be described as “behaviours which enhance democratic conversation.” By contrast, uncivil communication can be characterized as ridicule, attacks on character or competence, name-calling, and disrespect. Uncivil discourse is language characterized as containing direct insults, willful misattribution of motive without due reason, and open contempt.

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International Day Of Peace- Protection Of People

The International Day of Peace, observed on 21 September, is a day devoted to the cessation of all hostilities across the world and for individuals to participate in activities that promote global peace. Peace Day is a chance for individuals to alter their behaviour, which, when multiplied across cities and

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Rival Bids For Myanmars UN Seat

Ahead of the United Nation’s (UN) 76th General Assembly session, there is uncertainty over who will fill Myanmar’s seat at the world body. Both the ruling junta and the opposition National Unity Government (NUG) are pressing ahead with rival bids of their own. The former sought international legitimacy by ousting

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