Day: September 15, 2021

Blair Wants More War

Former U.K. prime minister Tony Blair has warned that extremist groups using biological weapons pose a pertinent threat to the West. The onset of the coronavirus and the Taliban’s coup in Afghanistan have multiplied his concerns. Blair asserted that “[c]ounter-terrorism on its own won’t remove an entrenched threat… We need

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Qatar Plans To Resume Gaza Funding With New Method Involving UN

On the 6th of September 2021, Qatar announced the official resumption of funding aid, through the UN and the Palestinian Authority, to families in need and civil servants living in the Gaza Strip. Qatar plans to transfer the funds to 100,000 poor families and around 27,700 civil servants, through Palestinian

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It’s Up To Us: The International Community To Do Our Part

Earlier this month, the Taliban announced the composition of their interim cabinet. There are no women in the government, and the ministry for women’s affairs has been dissolved. Women throughout Afghanistan have expressed their distress about this, and people all around the world are rightfully horrified. Demonstrators said they would not

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