Day: August 29, 2021

Gang Truce In Haiti Allows Aid To Come In Post-Earthquake

Al Jazeera has reported that a gang truce called in Haiti has allowed for a key road near the capital Port-au-Prince to be opened up for the first time months. The truce was called to allow trucks driving from Port-au-Prince to deliver aid to areas effect by last week’s 7.2

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G7 Leaders Press The U.S. To Extend The Kabul Evacuation Deadline

On Monday, 23 August, almost 11,000 people evacuated Kabul, Afghanistan, where Taliban militants seized control over a week ago. ​Thousands of Afghans and foreigners are making their way to Kabul’s airport in hopes of fleeing the Taliban. United States President Joe Biden was expected to decide on extending the 31

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Afghanistan Crisis Sparks Fear In Europe Of New Refugee Exodus

In the midst of America’s withdrawal, the Taliban have regained power in Afghanistan and sent the country into chaos. While the United States is focused on getting its own people out, a broader humanitarian crisis is brewing. The Taliban’s brutal policies and takeover of the region are creating mass panic

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