Day: August 22, 2021

Ex-Khmer Rouge Leader Seeks To Overturn Genocide Conviction

On August 16th, Khieu Samphan, former president of the Khmer Rouge, entered an appeal to reverse his conviction of genocide and crimes against humanity in Cambodia. Samphan’s defense team argued that when he was convicted, Samphan was not provided enough time to prepare a defense, and thus his crimes should

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At-Risk Migrants: Political Tools In The European Union

Several states from the European Union, including neighboring Poland, Estonia, and Lithuania, have accused Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko of illegally sending migrants into the E.U. The group claims that Lukashenko is acting in retaliation to the bloc’s sanctions over the disputed Belarusian presidential election of 2020, making migrants his political

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Gunmen Attacks And Kills 37 People In Niger Village

In the past week, a group of unidentified gunmen entered a village in southwest Niger, killing 37 people, including 14 children. The attack happened in the commune of Banibangou within the Tillaberi region, near the Malian border. In this region, there have been numerous violent assaults by Islamist militants towards

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