Day: July 2, 2021

Russia Vows To Defend Belarus If EU Sanctions Minsk

In response to threats from the European Union (EU) to impose economic sanctions upon Minsk, Russia has committed itself to supporting Belarus. The announcement from the EU accompanies a series of similar statements from other countries, such as the United States and Ukraine, following the forced landing of Ryanair Flight

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Mexico And The U.S. Sign Agreement To Tackle Migration

The U.S. and Mexico signed an agreement in June to encourage economic development in Central America to combat issues surrounding migration between the two countries. The deal was signed with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador as part of U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris’ first international trip since taking office,

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Pakistani Cleric Who Led Anti-Blasphemy Rallies Held For Sexual Abuse

In Mianwali, Pakistan, on Saturday, 19 June, cleric Aziz-ur-Rehman was arrested by Punjab provincial police forces. The authorities released a statement detailing his “charges of sexually abusing a student at a religious school,” in the nearby city of Lahore. The police reported that Rehman “had promised the student passing grades

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New Government In Israel Ousts Netanyahu

On 13 June 2021, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s 12-year reign as leader of Israel finally came to an end, ushering in a new coalition in which the predominant parties found very little in common, other than their desire to get Netanyahu out of office. The New York Times writes that the

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Philippine President Takes Hard-Line On COVID-19 Vaccinations

Rodrigo Duterte has taken a strong stance on COVID-19 vaccinations in previous weeks. The Philippine President has threatened to arrest anyone who refuses to be vaccinated. Duterte’s comments came during a press meeting at the presidential palace in Manila among members of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases.

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