Day: June 6, 2021

Is The Time Ripe For Global Access To The COVID Vaccine?

Anglo and American leaders are set on temporarily waiving the COVID-19 vaccine patent, with both the US and EU backing a temporary suspension. The arrangement was proposed by the WTO (World Trade Organisation), India and South Africa. The temporary suspension will open the gates to increased production, and thus distribution,

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How Climate Change In Bangladesh Is Threatening The Lives Of Women

Women in Bangladesh encounter a perfect storm in the face of climate change. The densely populated South Asian country is particularly vulnerable to extreme weather events because of its height above sea level. Meanwhile, women in Bangladesh suffer because of their lack of access to wealth and resources as well

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8,000 Migrants Detained In Spanish Enclave

Over the week of May 21st, over 8,000 migrants entered the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on the coast of North Africa. These migrants are now being used as pieces in a political spat between Morocco and Spain, whose latest diplomatic disagreement is a territorial dispute over the enclave in which

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