Day: April 14, 2021

Mozambican Army Says Town Attacked By Insurgents Now Secure

Palma, the town in Northern Mozambique that was attacked by Islamic-linked insurgents late last month, is now secure, U.S. News says. The coastal town south of the Tanzanian border was reportedly overrun by military extremists on March 24th, but on April 9th, Mozambique’s military reported that it had regained control.

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Separatist Violence Escalates In Ukraine’s Donbas Region

A member of the Ukrainian forces was killed by shelling from Russia-backed separatists in Ukraine’s Donbas region on April 8th. According to the Ukrainian military, there have been five deaths in the eastern border region in the last week. Reports of renewed front-line clashes and the mobilization of troops on

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Toxic Lagoons Are Threatening Local Ecosystems In The U.S.

A small town in Florida came close to tragedy as a giant wastewater pond nearly collapsed. The town was evacuated. However, this incident is bound to occur again, as the United States has more than 21,000 facilities that handle toxic waste, and over 2,500 of them are located in zones

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