Day: April 9, 2021

Towards Free And Fair Elections: The Current Belarusian Protests

A series of ongoing protests against the Belarusian leadership and current President Alexander Lukashenko are the largest anti-government protests in the country’s history. Beginning in May 2020 prior to the presidential election, thousands of demonstrators marched the streets calling for free and fair elections. In August 2020, immediately following the

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Migrants Set Up Makeshift Camp On Spain’s Canary Islands

With claims of the official migrant camp lacking adequate conditions, food, and medical services, migrants have created a makeshift camp on Spain’s Canary Islands. Under the pressure of increasing migration from Africa, the officials converted a former military facility to house thousands of migrants in the Canaries. The official camp,

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Rohingya Boat Still Adrift In The Andaman Sea

On February 11th, a boat left Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh carrying 90 Rohingya refugees, including 23 children, who intended to migrate to Malyasia and escape the stifling conditions of the teeming refugee camps. The boat’s engine failed on February 15th, and it drifted for weeks before finally being discovered by

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