Day: January 11, 2021

14 Nations Unite To Protect 100% Of Oceans

This past month, leaders from 14 nations came together via video conference and made a pact to protect the ocean. This agreement offered a renewed sense of hope that moving forward – decisions grounded in science may overtake political power plays. The 14 leaders conceded to sustainably regulate 100% of

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New Strain Of COVID-19 Discovered In The U.K.

After a year of researching and combatting COVID-19, a new strain of the novel coronavirus was discovered in the U.K. last week. This variant is becoming the most prominent strain throughout southern England, but has also been discovered in Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, and South Africa. While scientists do not believe

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‘Grant Us The Simple Rights Animals Have’ – Mental Health Crisis In Kara Tepe Highlights Deficiencies Of EU’s Asylum And Migration Policies

A report published by the International Rescue Committee on 17th December (IRC) details a severe mental health crisis affecting at least 15,000 refugees entrapped for years in the 32-hectare Kara Tepe camps on the Greek island of Lesvos. Accounts of severe mental health conditions, including depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),

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