Day: December 29, 2020

U.S., E.U. Say They Do Not Recognize Venezuelan Parliamentary Vote

Following recent legislative elections in Venezuela, the United States and the European Union have condemned the plebiscite as illegitimate. The election, conducted on December 6th, saw President Nicolás Maduro’s Great Patriotic Pole coalition win over two-thirds of the cast ballots. The victory solidifies Maduro’s control over the National Assembly, the

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Farmers Protest New Indian Agriculture Laws

On September 20th, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi implemented three new farm market reform laws which Indian farmers have now been widely protesting for the past two months. While the government claims that these rules will benefit farmers by increasing their freedom, the farmers worry they risk exploitation due to

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An Inquiry Into The 2019 Christchurch Attacks Identifies Government Failings And Future Recommendations For New Zealand

On 8 December, New Zealand’s Royal Commission of Inquiry found that the 2019 Christchurch mosque killings could not have been prevented, despite identifying a number of failures prior to the attack. Brenton Tarrant, an Australian national, entered the Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Centre on 15 March, 2019

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The Rohingya Crisis Continues

The Rohingya community are one of the largest stateless populations in the world. They have experienced overt discrimination and repression by the Myanmar government. They are denied citizenship and civil rights in Myanmar because they are not recognised as an indigenous ethnic group. Instead, they are classified as illegal immigrants

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