Day: December 4, 2020

Mozambique Insurgency Tramples Human Rights

Militant Islamists have taken to the rich province of Cabo Delgado in Mozambique to commit the next attack in a gruesome series – the decapitation and dismemberment of more than 50 people of the Nanjaba Village. The football pitch turn “execution ground” was the stage for “probably the worst carried

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Australian Inquiry Uncovers Evidence Of War Crimes in Afghanistan

On Thursday the 19th of November, Australia released a long-awaited report into alleged war crimes committed by Australian forces in Afghanistan. This report, the result of an inquiry launched in 2016, found evidence that Australian special forces responsible for 39 unlawful killings during deployment in Afghanistan. General Angus Campbell, chief

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Despite Rising Awareness Of The LGBTQ Community In Poland, Activists Continue To Face Resistance And Hostility

Bartosz Staszewski has a developed a name for himself by hanging signs saying “LGBT-free zones” in Polish towns that have signed pledges opposing “acts of tolerance” towards the LGBTQ+ population. The signs are meant to physically represent the ideology of towns that have called themselves “LGBT-free zones.” 100 towns have

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China Fears Insecurity Resulting Of Pivotal Japan-Australia Military Pact

November 17th marks the sticking point of six years of negotiations for both counterpart prime minsters, Scott Morrison and Yoshihide Suga, regarding the Reciprocal Access Agreement (RAA), upon which they seek to facilitate Japanese and Australian inter-operability and cooperation, via allowing mutual defence forces to train in each other’s territory.

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