Day: November 17, 2020

Former President Evo Morales Returns To Bolivia After A Year In Exile

Crowds of Evo Morales’s supporters gathered in Villazon, Bolivia on November 9, 2020, to welcome Morales’s return from exile, the former Bolivian president crossing the border from Argentina to reenter his home country. Nearly 2,000 supporters assembled to greet Morales, chanting “Evo! Evo!” as his presence reignited collective gratitude and

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Violence Against Women Protesters Met With Police Gunfire

Police fired shots to break up a protest this weekend, directly injuring two women and harming others through the resulting chaos. The decision to fire at a protest against the violence of women (VAW) has, naturally, generated considerable outrage. The police fired air shots when the female activists attempted to

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Algerians Vote On Constitutional Referendum

On November 1, 2020, Algerians voted in a referendum to an amendment to the constitution that would limit presidential terms to two and create an anti-corruption body.  The following day, the National Independent Elections Authority announced that the referendum was passed with a vote of 66.8%. However, less than a

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Anti-Government Protests Revitalize In Iraq

Thousands of protesters took to the street of Iraq to acknowledge the one year anniversary since a second wave of anti-government protests swept through Iraq.  The 2019 protests, tagged as the ‘October Revolution,’ mainly made up of unemployed young men, demanded more jobs, better public service, and an end to

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Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Politicians Arrested Over Protest

Several pro-democracy politicians in Hong Kong were arrested on 1-2 November in connection with a meeting of the city’s Legislative Council in May, which saw protest and scuffles between pro-democracy and pro-Beijing members. The heckling and shoving began as Council members vied for control of a committee that proposes bills

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