Day: November 4, 2020

The Passport Black Market: EU Takes Legal Action Against Cyprus and Malta

The European Commission has announced its decision to launch infringement procedures against Cyprus and Malta on October 20th, over the two countries’ immigrant investor programs. More widely referred to as “golden passport” schemes, these programs are seen as a gateway for corruption, money laundering, crime and tax evasion, and threaten

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Protesters Call For State Of Emergency In Namibia

Protesters campaigning against sexual and gender-based violence are once again making headlines in Namibia. The protesters have flooded business districts on several occasions, even shutting down the capital city of Windhoek earlier in October. The response has not always been peaceful, as many young demonstrators found themselves facing rubber bullets

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Roadblocks In The Global Race For An Effective And Safe COVID-19 Vaccine

With worldwide restrictions, more confirmed cases of infections and increasing deaths due to COVID-19, everyone wonders when or if there will be a return to normalcy. As of October 19th, John Hopkins University shows 40,346,078 confirmed global coronavirus cases, and 8,213,035 of these are in the United States alone. Experts

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