Day: October 6, 2020

Fighting Intensifies In Contested Nagorno-Karabakh Region

Simmering tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan came to the boil this past week, as the long-lasting dispute over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh turned violent. The region, internationally recognized as an Azerbaijani territory despite its Armenian ethnic majority, was the battleground for a territorial conflict that claimed 30,000 lives in a

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The Price Of Parties

Students at U.K. universities are returning to start the academic year. With coronavirus circulating, courses online, and clubs closed, they enter a year like no other. But some are opting to party as if it’s 1999 and nothing has changed. At what price?  Their urge to socialize is understandable. Between

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Russian foreign policy looks East

While the world focuses intently on the US election it has largely missed an event of great  significance – the realignment of Russia’s foreign policy. Moscow, helmed by Vladimir Putin, is redefining its relationships with the EU, and the world more broadly with its relations with Beijing now firmly becoming

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