Daily Archives: October 6, 2020

Fighting Intensifies In Contested Nagorno-Karabakh Region

Simmering tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan came to the boil this past week, as the long-lasting dispute over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh turned violent. The region, internationally recognized as an Azerbaijani territory despite its Armenian ethnic majority, was the battleground for a territorial conflict that claimed 30,000 lives in a […]

Poland Receives Harsh Rebuke For Intolerance Against LGBT+ Community

Diplomats from 50 countries signed an open letter Sunday calling on the Polish government to end discrimination in the country against sexual minorities. The letter expressed solidarity with Poland’s LGBT+ community while urging the Polish government to protect its citizens and give them the freedoms upheld by OSCE, the Council […]

A Polish poster. Two stick figures, apparently male and having sex, are circled and crossed out, with the letters LG/BT split by the line. A collage of serious, blue-toned, protesting people forms the poster's background.