Day: September 30, 2020

German Police Arrest 300 As Far Right Protestors Storm Parliament

German police arrested 300 far-right protesters earlier this month. According to a BBC report, around 38,000 people had participated in a widespread protest in Berlin. While they were mostly peaceful, they were later joined by several hundred, many of which were affiliated with the far-right movement. Far-right protesters, among the

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Waorani Leader Nominated As A 2020 TIME100 Honoree Blazes A Trail For The Protection Of The Amazon

Everyone remembers the triumphal victory of the Ecuadorian Amazon Indigenous people in last year’s historic lawsuit of the Waorani Organization of Pastaza (CONCONAWEP) against several ministries of the Ecuadorian government who wanted to sell Waorani lands to oil companies. The passionate Nemonte Nenquimo, first female president of CONCONAWEP and co-founder

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U.S. Set To Announce New Sanctions Tied To Iran Arms

As of Monday, September 21st, the United States has begun new sanctions against Iran’s defense ministry, according to Today World. These sanctions include nuclear, missile, and conventional arms within Iran, and affect all those involved in the industry. The administration claims the announcement supports the argument that all U.N sanctions

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