Daily Archives: August 31, 2020

Human Rights Leader Killed in Philippines’ ‘War Against Dissent’

39-year-old Zara Alvarez, a human rights activist in the Philippines, was shot dead on the evening of August 17th. Alvarez was a member of Karapatan, an alliance of human rights advocates in the Philippines, as well as a member of the Negros Island Health Integrated Program. Alvarez was heading to […]

Tension In The South China Sea Continues To Threaten Peace And Stability In The Region

Tension in the South China Sea has recently been reignited following Chinese ballistic missile tests in the area. In response, the international community has condemned the actions as provocative and a clear threat to peace in the region. Among other states, the U.S. has been open in its concerns with […]

65 Years After The Lynching Of Emmett Till, The Civil Rights Struggle Continues

On the 28th of August, 2020, thousands of Americans gathered at the Lincoln Memorial, speaking about racial equality, criminal justice reform, and the renewed struggle for civil rights. The date is one of great significance in the civil rights movement. 57 years prior, Americans had gathered at the same location […]

U.A.E. Opposition Establishes Anti-Normalization Group Against Israel

Two weeks ago, Israel and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), brokered a deal intended to foster future cooperation in areas such as energy production and water use, in addition to finding a viable COVID vaccine, reports the BBC. Termed the “Abraham accord,” this deal will establish full diplomatic relations between […]

Black Lives Matter And Notting Hill Carnival: The UK Is Still Not Innocent

Dozens of anti-racism and Black Lives Matter protestors gathered across London on Sunday, the day which would have been this year’s Notting Hill Carnival – recently cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. This carnival is of historical importance for the Black community in the UK, given its roots in the […]

Federal Reserve Institutes Sweeping Transformation of U.S. Monetary Policy

The U.S. Federal Reserve has officially announced that it has transitioned the central goal of its monetary policy towards maximizing employment throughout the country. Although this seems like a sensible response to the current record high levels of unemployment in the U.S., it goes against what has been the hallmark […]

August 1997-August 2020, 23 Years After the Demise of Lady Diana; what Impact for Africa’s Peace and Development? 1

August 1997-August 2020, 27 years after the demise of Lady Diana; what impact for Africa’s Peace and Development? Arguably the mother of philanthropic causes, the extraordinary life of princess Diana remains unequivocally exemplary to the world. Her efforts in raising humanitarian concerns pertaining to matters of Africa and the world […]