Day: August 24, 2020

Day One Of Four: The Christchurch Terror Hearing

In the first of four days, the High Court in Christchurch has relived the horrifying details of New Zealand’s worst peacetime massacre. The actions of an Australian terrorist – who will not be named in this article –murdered 51 people, across two Islamic places of worship in March 2019. His

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What Mali Needs After This Week’s Military Coup

On August 18th, after months of protests and unrest, Mali military officers staged a coup that resulted in President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta’s resignation. The military felt the need to step in after months of mass protests over a lack of public security failed to get enough attention from the government.

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13 Dead After Police Raid On Nightclub In Peru

13 people died after a police raid on a 120-person party in a nightclub in Lima, Peru. Six more people were injured, including three police officers, as the 120 people tried to escape the club, called the Thomas Restobar club, in the Los Olivos district on Saturday, August 22nd. Neighbours

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Belgium Suspends Arms Exports To Saudi Arabia As Yemen Crisis Worsens

On August 7th, human rights groups across the world celebrated as Belgium confirmed that it will halt weapons exportations to Saudi Arabia’s National Guard (SANG). This announcement came following an injunction made by Belgium’s top legal authority, the Council of State, who formally suspended arms export licenses for shipments to

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