Day: August 22, 2020

This Is Not Incompetence: It’s A Design- Fires Blaze Across Brazil’s Amazon Forest Despite Bolsonaro’s Denial

This month, fires are once again blazing across the Amazon rain-forest in Brazil, destroying one of the world’s most valuable defences against climate change and endangering the safety and security of the region’s inhabitants and ecosystems. Meanwhile, Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro, continues to insist that there are, in fact, no

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Nigeria’s Forgotten Conflict In The Era Of COVID-19

Earlier this week, militants abducted hundreds of people from Kukawa town, in Borno state, north-eastern Nigeria. More than 20 trucks stormed the area and attacked a nearby military base protecting the town whose residents had only recently returned from refugee camps 120 miles away. Sources told the AFP news agency

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The Release Of Taliban Prisoners By Afghan Government For Peace Talks

On August 9, the Afghan government agreed to release the final 400 Taliban prisoners from detention. This decision was made to fulfil the Taliban’s condition in a U.S.-Taliban agreement to commence peace talks with Afghanistan. Since their removal from power in 2001 by the U.S.-led invasion, the Taliban have only

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