Daily Archives: August 2, 2020

Vaccine Nationalism And Owing A Duty Of Care To Our Neighbors

‘Vaccine nationalism’ is a dangerous movement that threatens the world’s ability to end the pandemic. Vaccine nationalism is where rich countries pre-purchase COVID-19 vaccines for their citizens or restrict organizations’ ability to supply other nations. This behavior may make a future COVID-19 vaccine inaccessible to low income to medium-income countries. […]

New Wave Of Ethnic Violence Strikes In Nigeria

Dozens of Nigerians were killed over the course of several days this past week during targeted attacks against non-Muslim minorities. On July 19th and 20th, attacks were made by radical Muslims of Fulani ethnicity in southern Kaduna. A few days later, the attacks repeated, this time targeting the small village […]

Call For Negotiations As Hostilities Continue On The Azerbaijani And Armenian Border

Between 12 and 14 July, fighting broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenia, resulting in at least 16 deaths including a prominent Azeri general. Although clashes between these two countries are frequent, July’s conflict has been the most serious outbreak since a four-day war in 2016. Past conflicts between these countries […]