Day: July 28, 2020

Iran Vows To “Deal Decisively” With Mounting Protests

Iranian police forces said in a July 17th statement that they will “deal decisively” with further anti-government protests over economic turmoil, according to both Al Jazeera and Reuters. The statement comes only a day after using tear gas to disperse protestors in the southwestern city of Behbahan. This follows a

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ECOWAS Intervenes In Mali, But Offers Few New Ideas

After an inflammation of tensions and protests in Mali, the nation’s neighbours have at last decided to intervene. West African leaders have come together to call for unity government in a bid to ease the country’s deepening political crisis. This call has been accompanied by a whispered threat: those that

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Suriname’s New President Has A Long Way To Go

On July 13th, Suriname elected opposition leader Chan Santokhi as their new president in an uncontested election, ending the decades-long struggle under Dési Bouterse. Former President Bouterse had previously been in power almost as long as Suriname has been an independent country, beginning his political career while the Dutch still

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