Daily Archives: July 27, 2020

Report: “Across-The-Board Violation Of Human Rights” In Kashmir

The Forum for Human Rights in Jammu and Kashmir’s (FHRJK) annual report on the regions’ 11-month lockdown condemned an “across-the-board violation of human rights.”  More specifically, the report highlights the detrimental impact of India’s “draconian” policies on the region’s economy, media, public health, civilian security, and educational access. The territory […]

Hong Kong Demands Taiwan Officials Sign “One China” Document For Visa Renewal

On Thursday, Taiwanese officials residing in Hong Kong were told that they would not have their visas renewed unless they agree to sign a document supporting China’s territorial claim over Taiwan under its “one China” policy. According to Reuters, this comes after China’s passage and implementation of the new Hong […]

U.S-China Relationship Intensifies After The Shutdown Of Chinese Consulate In Houston

Tensions between the United States and China have significantly escalated after the Trump administration recently forced a Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas to shutdown.  The U.S. State Department officially ordered the closure of the consulate on July 21st, making the staff in the consulate immediately respond by burning and destroying […]

Poland Leaves Treaty Aimed At Preventing Violence Against Women

Poland is currently facing criticism after announcing its intentions to pull out of a pan-European convention combating violence against women. On Saturday, Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro announced that Poland would begin to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention, according to the state-run Polish Press Agency, primarily due to the convention violating […]

Political Interference At Hungarian News Outlet Prompts Mass Resignation

On Friday, more than 70 journalists at the independent Hungarian news outlet ‘Index’ resigned in the wake of the dismissal of their editor-in-chief, Szabolcs Dull. In an open-letter, posted on the ‘Index’ website, the departing journalists cited the threat to their “independent operation” as the motivation for their mass resignation. […]

As Pakistan’s COVID Curve Flattens, Healthcare Workers Shift Focus To Polio

With COVID-19 still threatening the lives of people all over the world, this week Pakistan made the difficult decision to continue to administer Polio vaccinations, with an ambitious goal of reaching 800,000 Pakistani children in under one week. COVID-19 has affected Pakistan perhaps more severely than the other countries in […]