Daily Archives: July 14, 2020

Confronting Obstetric Violence In Latin America: A Chimera Or A Real Chance For Change?

Obstetric violence committed in Latin America is itself an epidemic—one that has seen the further erosion of women’s basic rights to bodily autonomy under the guise of medical professionalism. Obstetric violence can be loosely defined as practices that directly cause physical or psychological harm to a woman during childbirth or […]

Bangladesh’s Labor Force Narrative Must Change

As COVID-19 continues to cripple the world economy, Bangladesh’s garment industry suffers exponentially. Clothing has been Bangladesh’s key export division and primary source of foreign exchange for the last two decades. However, many claim the country’s mounting dependence on the industry continues to serve as a double-edged sword. Experts say […]

West Papua Autonomy – Lies, Bullets And Murders

On July 4, 2020, the spokesperson for the National Committee of West Papua (KNB), Victor Yeimo repudiated a unilateral deliberation of the West Papua autonomy bill in Indonesia’s House of Representatives. Indigenous Papuans – the subject of this bill – were not included in the discussion. Sixteen groups in Papua […]