Day: June 18, 2020

Federal Police Arrests Far-Right Activist Sara Winter

On Monday, Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered the arrest of six members of the far-right activist group “300 do Brasil” including leader Sarah Winter. The arrest was issued within the scope of an investigation of anti-democratic protests. The group has organized multiple protests demanding the closure of

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Has Edward Colston Been Wiped From History?

It is the strange nature of public discourse that allows a premise to be established on one side of an argument without its logic ever really being questioned. I have certainly been guilty of arguing from such a standpoint – when the Rhodes Must Fall campaign gained particular prominence in

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11 Mass Graves Discovered Near Libyan Capital Of Tripoli 

The UN Chief calls for a prompt and transparent investigation into possible war crimes in Libya after at least 11 mass graves were discovered in recently liberated opposition strongholds near Tripoli.  Footage of bodies stacked on top of each other in tarp lined trenches and inside shipping containers scattered through

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Why Reform Won’t Cut It: A Series On Police Reform

While the death of George Floyd inspired protests across the world, many are coming to a close as demonstrators are calling for real reform and legislation. Key objectives include creating a system that administers justice blindly and promotes racial equality. But how can we address deep-rooted systemic problems that require

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