Day: June 11, 2020

#BlackOutTuesday And Performative Activism

Last Tuesday, people began publishing solid black images in social media platforms with the hashtag #BlackOutTuesday. On Instagram, it currently accounts for 28.9 million posts, while the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter accounts for 21.1 million posts. This difference generated controversy as this was probably the biggest mass event of social media performative

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Land Invasions Threaten The Life Of Indigenous People Amid COVID-19

The pandemic distracts the public’s care of deforestation and fragile tribes in the Amazon. Although lockdown policy improves the environment of urban areas, things are different in these places. Increasing illegal mining, logging, and wild animal trafficking is reported by environmental authorities amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The infectious disease also

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Radicals Infiltrating The Riots

As quiet protests over prejudice and police brutality have transformed around the nation into senseless rampages and looting, some officials now believe that the violent crowds are instead being influenced by third-party factions like white supremacists. You may wonder, why would those well known for spewing racial hatred want to

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