Daily Archives: June 7, 2020

“We Don’t Have That Stuff in America Here”: How Can The U.K. Tackle Systemic Racism When Those In Power Refuse To Accept It Exists?

The U.K. government has this week published a review investigating why people in BAME communities in Britain are far more likely to die from Coronavirus than the country’s white citizens. Despite the health secretary Matt Hancock’s promises that the government would “get to the bottom” of why these communities are […]

European Commission Proposes €485 Million ‘Top-up’ For Syrian Refugees In Turkey

On 4 June, the European Commission proposed a €485 million ‘top-up’ to support Syrian refugees living in Turkey. The funds would be used to extend the Emergency Social Safety Net, a program that provides monthly financial assistance to approximately 1.7 million refugees and the Conditional Cash Transfers for Education program, […]

Russia Preparing To Potentially Use Atomic Weapons In Response To Future Conventional Attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a document last week that would allow him to use atomic weapons in response to non-nuclear attacks on critical government and military infrastructure. The document outlined Russian policy on its nuclear deterrent policy and was published online. It describes the situations that could justify a […]