Daily Archives: May 29, 2020

China’s Tightening Grip: Hong Kong Security Plan Approved

Fear has been evoked into the citizens of Hong Kong as a result of the Chinese parliament approving national security legislation. On Thursday May 28th, the country’s legislature approved a plan to suppress secession, subversion, terrorism and seemingly any acts that may threaten national security in the semiautonomous city. Beijing […]

The Minnesota Protests: A Violent Backlash Against America’s Racist Status Quo

The city of Minneapolis in the U.S. state of Minnesota has seen a third night of mass protests over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died in police custody there on 25th May. The protests have escalated into rioting and looting, with buildings in the city […]

A Halt To Admittance: Foreign Nationals Under Restrictions

President Trump has released a new proclamation forbidding foreign nationals to enter the country if they have been in Brazil at any time in the 14 days preceding their entry attempt. As we well know, these restrictions follow previously dictated stay-at-home and face-covering orders throughout the nation, as America continues […]

Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen Reaching Breaking Point As Aid Agencies Call for Urgent Funding Amid COVID-19 Threat

This week, the World Food Programme (WFP) and other aid agencies have warned that the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is reaching a ‘breaking point’ as COVID-19 spreads, putting millions of vulnerable civilians at risk. The WFP stated on Tuesday that the health system in the country may not be able […]

Nepal Attempts To Seize Contested Territories From India After Revealing New National Map

Nepal issued a new official national map last week in a “unilateral” attempt to claim disputed territories along the country’s border with India and China. India’s government has rebuked the country’s actions, even though it too, claims the territory in its official map.  The land in question is a mountainous […]