Daily Archives: May 25, 2020

U.K. Government Must Pay Greater Attention To The Deaf Experience Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

The charity Action on Hearing Loss (AOHL) has warned the U.K. government that 900,000 people in Britain who are profoundly D/deaf face a drastic loss of communicative ability if face masks are made compulsory due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The British government has repeatedly failed to take into account the […]

Cyclone Amphan And COVID-19: Mass Destruction In South Asia

Cyclone Amphan has pummelled India and Bangladesh and continues to leave a trail of mass destruction and chaos as the two countries attempt to recover. As of May 23rd, at least 106 deaths were confirmed. As per disaster management officials, 80 are from the Indian states of West Bengal and […]

The World Health Organization Discusses Reviewing Coronavirus Response

The World Health Organization held a meeting on Monday to discuss reviewing the global coronavirus response. Chinese President Xi Jinping also announced that for two years, China will donate $2 billion to the W.H.O in aid. Official English translation of President Xi’s statement said that, “China will provide 2 billion […]

Poverty And Protest In Lebanon: A Nation On The Edge

Lebanon is currently experiencing the worst economic crises of its history. Rampant inflation coupled with growing unemployment have thrown almost half the population below the poverty line, according to government figures. Increasingly concerning are the  COVID-19 lockdown measures, which are putting millions at risk of going hungry, exacerbating an already […]