Day: May 20, 2020

Brazil Launches Military Operations To Combat Deforestation In The Amazon

On May 11th, Brazil’s government deployed thousands of soldiers to combat deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. The troops are working with the police, environmental officials, and other government agencies to prevent wildfires and illegal destructive activities (such as logging). According to a Reuters article dated May 11th, the operation costs

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Brexit: U.K.-EU Trade Talks Resume Ahead Of June Summit

The EU and the U.K. are resuming Brexit talks ahead of the June 1 summit. In order to extend past the December 31 deadline, both the EU and U.K. need to decide whether the deadline should be negotiated. After a talk in April, an EU negotiator said progress had been

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The Triple Frontier, And No, Not The Netflix Movie

Colombia, Brazil and Peru share a triple frontier. A frontier which exists more in the maps than in reality. A frontier crossed by the amazing Amazon River where migration processes are hardly followed and where the local communities are bonded by something more than a nationality. The Amazon rainforest, apart

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