Daily Archives: May 12, 2020

Nigerian Court Sentences Inmate to Death Over Zoom

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt everyday society, governments around the world have had to make careful changes to their judicial systems in order to adapt to physical distancing policies. Thousands of prisoners serving minor or short sentences have been temporarily released, and many European countries have chosen to postpone trials […]

U.S. Increases Firepower And Military Exercises Over South China Sea

On Thursday May 7th, two B-1B supersonic heavy bombers were reported cruising the skies to the northeast of Taiwan. According to Aircraft Spots, this was the fourth U.S.-led bomber mission in the Indo-Pacific region since the United States Airforce brought B-1 bombers back into rotation at Andersen Airforce base in […]

Venezuela Accuses Colombia Of Attempting ‘Terrorist’ Sea Invasion 1

In a case of fumbled communication, Venezuela and Colombia are dealing with a year old feud, intensified by recent events. Interior Minister Nestor Reverol of Venezuela has said in a televised address that the Venezuelan government has foiled an attempted terrorist attack. The attack would have been accomplished through a […]

Afghan Migrants Allegedly Tortured By Iranian Border Guards

Afghan migrants trying to cross into Iran illegally were allegedly tortured and drowned by Iranian border guards on May 3rd. Reports from the Governor of the Iran border district of Gulran, as well as the Taliban, estimate 55 Afghan migrants were forced into the Harirud river.¬†Eighteen bodies had been recovered […]

Lebanese Protests Begin Again Amid COVID-19 Social Distancing Regulations

Many people in Lebanon have made the difficult decision that they would rather die from COVID-19, than starvation and homelessness. Not immune to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Lebanon put a brief pause on their protests as social distancing regulations were announced in March. However, protesters have recently disobeyed the new rules, […]