Daily Archives: May 2, 2020

Islamic State Africa – An Inevitability?

In 2018, it was estimated that as many as nine Islamic State ‘cells’ existed across Africa. Whilst lacking their predecessor’s numerical support and contiguous geographical influence, today they constitute a growing menace across the entire continent. Groups professing the ideology of IS now occupy territory in North, West, Central, East […]

Much Ado About Korea

The Situation So Far What is going on with Kim Jong-Un? That’s the question on the mind of every world leader and political analyst across the globe. And it’s a good question to be asking. When the head of a rogue nuclear state goes missing, it should raise the alarm […]

Michigan Congressional Candidate Stands With Palestinians

Solomon Rajput is a 27-year-old University of Michigan medical student, though he is currently on leave from his studies to pursue a run for office. He is the son of Pakistani immigrants and a proud product of the public school system. The 2016 presidential election marked his first real political […]

The Greek Refugee Crisis: How COVID-19 Is Altering The EU’s Response

E.U. member states have so far faced some of the worst impacts from the COVID-19 crisis. Key members of the bloc, including Spain, Italy, and Belgium, have noted some of the highest number of cases and deaths per capita worldwide. The vast majority of its population has experienced some element […]