Daily Archives: April 14, 2020

Life After India’s Lockdown

On March 25th, 2020, the Indian government declared a 21-day lockdown to control the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Rather than slowing and stopping transmissions, the strict strategy goes contrary to its wishes. Most citizens complain the lockdown policy is too sudden to prepare, triggering large-scale hunger and unemployment.  Homeless people […]

Where Are We With The Peace Deal In South Sudan?

In the last week, fault lines have reappeared within the political negotiations in Juba as the completion of South Sudan’s peace deal stalls. One major hurdle is the allocation of state governments across the coalition parties. As a consequence, the “Transitional Government of National Unity” (TGONU) is still not yet […]

Accused Of ‘Piracy’, U.S. Denies Diverting Masks Bound For Germany

A face mask shipment, originally bound for Berlin, has been diverted at an airport in Bangkok. Berlin State’s Secretary of Interior, Andreas Geisel, stated that 200,000 masks, originally ordered by, and bound for Germany had been “confiscated” in an airport in Bangkok. Mr. Geisel went on to state that the masks […]